jacob shiohira

spending increasingly more time exploring DeFi, DAOs, NFTs, and other corners of crypto & web3. bullish on the decentralized, trustless, and ownership paradigms that web3 enables. real internet native ~vibes~. building pseudonymously 🍬 currently in seattle, wa 📍

casual yogger with a 2:30:24 marathon pb; aspring to the 2024 marathon olympic trials qualifier / completed: 2x chicago, 1x berlin, 1x nyc / next: boston, london, tokyo 👀

很高兴认识你 👋



places lived

qualification: stayed 3+ months, paid rent, and shopped at a local grocery store. more to come 🔜

  • bentonville, ar /
  • lincoln, ne /
  • seattle, wa /
  • tokyo, japan /
  • cambridge, ma